Easy Walk Through For Making Money Online ?

Wondering how to make Money with your website? There are many ways to use your website as a pote...

Wondering how to make Money with your website?

There are many ways to use your website as a potential source of income.

Two most popular are:

a) Google Ads
b) Affiliate programs

For applying to Google ads you need to make a google account.Then visit Google AdSense page and follow the steps there.

The steps are quite simple and just require you to fill out their AdSense form. Then you have to tell Google the URL of the website you want to put ads on. You can apply for more than one website from the same AdSense account.

AdSense account is
different from Google
account and can only be made if you already have a google
account. It's really a short and simple thing to do.

What Google actually does is, it puts its ads on your website and each time a visitor clicks them, you get a small commission from Google, because you are helping Google to advertise itself and hence, promoting it. This is commonly called "pay per click ", since you get paid for each click you get! Sounds interesting eh? Well, it's easy too. And the laziest way to earn money :).

How much time Google will take to answer? 

Well, Google will take approximately two to three days, or even lesser, to process your request. Understand that there might be thousands of requests pending for Google at any given time. And indexing all those websites manually is not the easiest task in the world. So it takes time. Be patient.

Your request, of course, would either be accepted or rejected. That depends solely on the quality and content of your website, and whether you have followed Google's guidelines or not. Once i
made a small website on a free web host and applied for it! And after like 4 days they answered me that my request wasn't accepted because my website lacked content and was under construction :). But then, that was the first time I had experianced the world of web. So i didn't expect much and didn't take that to the heart :).

Sometimes, even if your content is just fine, you will be rejected. Now i don't know why that is, but its the truth. So if you get rejected, don't give up hope! Simply apply again! I once got rejected half a dozen times before being accepted! (and I am not exaggerating!). But that doesn't mean you are always gonna be accepted. You have to have good content as well. Follow Google's guidelines for more info.

Affiliate program is nothing complicated. It is simply advertising and promoting someone's products in return for a few bucks, much like the TV and newspaper adds we see everyday. Signing up to
such affiliate programs is easy. Say you have a website about SonyVegas (a video
editing software) tutorials. You can make
your visitors buy SonyVegas from Sony
website and they will pay you commission for
each buyer you give them!! Seems interesting? 

The more the traffic you have, the more is your earnings so follow these tips on Increasing Traffic  to boost up your blog

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