How To Put A Favicon To Blogger Blog

 Favicon is that little icon with your website name in your browser tabs. Like here in this pic...

 Favicon is that little icon with your website name in your browser tabs. Like here in this picture :

Cool isn't it. You'll get your favicon uploaded soon. Follow these simple steps and you will be set.

Step 1: Make a Favicon For Your Blog

First step is to make a favicon for yourself. If you have already made it you can follow the next steps.
    Go to this website and Make your Favicon. ( the extension of the favicon will be .ico ).

2- Ok, so once you have made it know you need to upload it somewhere so that you can put the link of that website and put it in blogger. Didn't get it? No problem just follow these steps. Go to Iconj and upload your favicon you made. Once you have uploaded it copy the link it provides. The page would be like this:

Once you have copied the link for your favicon, you need to edit your blogger html. Dont Freak out ! Its easy as a pie.

Sign in to your blogger dashboard.

1- Go to Design > Edit Html

2- Search for the following code (Ctrl +F)


3-Once you find this code, place your Favicon URL within the following code and place your favicon under the code mentioned in step 2.

<link href='YOUR FAVICON URL' rel='icon' type='image/x-icon'/> 

Click on publish now and your done. In case the favicon isn't appearing you may wana try refreshing the page.

Hope That Helped !
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