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Adding music to blogger blog is pretty easy and requires few steps to be followed. First decide ...

Adding music to blogger blog is pretty easy and requires few steps to be followed. First decide where on your blog you want to the music to be. Music can be initiated in number of ways. By a link, when you blog loads, or when reader turns it on himself using a music player on your blog.

To set up any of these ways follow the steps below :

Before that, you may like to read:

By a Link :
    <a href="URL of music file">Click to hear music file</a>

    To test the code you can use this link :
    You can put this code any where you want e.g on the side bars, in the post.
    To add the link in the side bar go to Blogger dashboard> Design > Add a widget > HTML / JavaScript

    Click To Enlarge

    Click To Enlarge

    By a Music Player :
      To add a music playing options, add the following link to your blog. Same as before, you can add this code to the blogger post or sidebar of the blog.

      The player will look like this:
      <embed autostart="false" height="40" loop="true" playcount="2" src="URL of music file" width="300"/></embed>

       Follow the same steps before in the ( Click the link ) section to add the music to sidebar. By changing the  commands like autostart , height , playcount , width you can change the characteristics of the player. 
      Autostart :
      Change this to either  " true " if you want the music to start automatically when the page loads or type " false " so that the reader will click the play button to play the music.

      Height :
      To  change the height of the player

      Play count :
      The number of times the song will be played before it stops

      To repeat the same song over and over again

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      You can now read out:

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