Commitment to Your Self- Blogger's True Weapon.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

This is in fact the very right time for my self, and the times i am going through to write such an article. Any blogger can face serious troubles in his life. Whether illness, family problems or what ever. The point is that you need to stay focused and try to achive the aims that you have set for your life.

Though blogging is my passion and i love to grow my blog, still as a human i get attacked by laziness. So looking forward to that, i thought I would highlight different situations in ones life that can hurt his/her blogging approach very badly. And obviously the remedies i believe that can be implemented.

Family Issues:

We all face family problems. Whether you are young and you have to follow your elders orders every time when  you start blogging, or you are a house wife who cant pull time for her self due to daily chores, or you are a victim of parents fights within them selves. That hurts a lot. 

So this is the time when you need to stay focused and implement your time table. Blogging in air conditions with all is well situation is not awarded to every body in this world. As being a house wife, if you believe that you have served the daily responsibility that you had to, then you must face towards blogging  now. 

Tasks would never end. The true strategy is to make most out of your day. Fix a time in your day for blogging and don't let anyone violate your airspace. Its all about time management.

In case you are young, may be less than 15, you have a way out too. To show every one that you are committed to your blogging carrier, you need to stay focus yourself. Fix a time for blogging and then DO sit for it. Show others that you cant leave this hobby no matter what happens. Believe me its a strong message.

Now, this goes for the kids who are victim of parental fights. If you are in such a category you still have a chance my friend. Though it hurts and it lets your real character drowned, but as always there's way out for every thing except if you are a hypo crate within your self. Let your parents live there life as they want, but dont let ruin yourself. Again  i would say make a time table and sit for your objectives.

Yup even if a nuke comes in  your way, coz you can run buddy, so its better to through out a post instead.

Now lets talk about some illness issues.

I  am ill. Obviously i cant blog now:

Really? so don't. See, you would end up achieving nothing. The whole point comes to the fact that what you have set for your self. I would like to give an example here of a popular You Tuber "Ray William Johnson". His life style has effected me a lot and i have learned a bunch from him. He set a target of 2 videos for his channel three years back and he harldy missed any.

I mean really? for three years... And now after like three years hes on top of the most subscribed list. He would have definitely faced illness in three years but still his video used to be there every time. So buddy..set your goal.

Hope this was not boring. I was bit down today so i was forced to write such a post to ease my self. Hope this gave a positive impression and helped in some gaining motivation.

Happy Fighting the environment