Top 5 Discussion Forums for Bloggers For Self Promotion

Many of us are well aware of the points that are considered in building up your blog. A successful ...

Many of us are well aware of the points that are considered in building up your blog. A successful blogger should be social and active at forums. This goes for the ones whose blogs are still young. Forums provide us with many advantages. We can build high quality back links, gain traffic and many more friends.

So looking forward to this i compiled a list of best forums out there, for bloggers so that they gain gain exposure while hanging out with experienced bloggers and promote their blogs.

Digital Point
 It is one of the best forums out there. This fourms is ranked pretty high and has a lot traffic. There are many active users all the time who are ready to make new friends. Unlike other dead forums, you would get a reply most of the time here. Its a worth joining forums.

Just don't forget to set your signature. The signature with your blog's link would give you back-links each time you write a new reply.

Join Digital Point

 Blogging Tips Forum

Personally relatively new to this forum, but i must say its great. People are kind and reply quite fast. Its definitely one of the top forums out there and can provide you with lots of traffic from signatures.

 Join Blogging Tips Forum

Pro-blogger Forum

You may be well aware of from its authority in the blogging world. They have a great forum where you can meet like minded people. As, this forum gets tons of views and can change your blogging experience. Get rolled in and start making friends.

 Join ProBlogger Forum


Bloggeries have many great topics to discuss and learn. It is also one of the best forums for your blog promotion at present. There is also a section where you can submit your blog links and get targeted traffic. A must join forum.

Join Bloggeries Forum

Site Point

Site point has a great Alexa rank and have tons of traffic. You active participation in this forum can make a difference in your blogging career. The more you would write in this forum with your signatures posted as your blog links, you would strengthen your blogs backbone.

Join Site Point Forum


The purpose of this list isnt that you should join all of the above forums. I would recommend to join any one of them that you like the most and then  stick to it. There is no use of making gathering at different spots. Those are of no use. Try to expose your blog in one, or maximum two of the forums you like.

I personally joined many of them but now i try to be active at few. Forums can really help in  building  back links but still keep in mind that the real strengthen of your blog is your quality content. If you don't have content then there is no need to join these forums literally.

Leave you favorite forums among these in comment section and tell which you look forward to join in future.

Peace and blessings

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