5 Reasons Your Guest Post Could Never Be Rejected

Previously i wrote a posted : When To OPEN Your Blog For Guest Posting? where we discussed the '...

Previously i wrote a posted : When To OPEN Your Blog For Guest Posting? where we discussed the 'right' time to open your blog for guest authors. That moment has to be a time where your blog gets in a position to give back something valuable to the guest authors.

5 Reasons Your Guest Post Could Never Be Rejected
Guest authors work hard to write content for your blog. In return they should be awarded with something valuable to their online blogging career. You can read How I Increased Google Page Rank To PR 4 And Why You Couldnt that would give you an idea how important guest authors are for your blog.

While couple of you guys submitted your great guest to me via email, there were some guys who feared if their guest post would be published or not. So thats the reasons for me to put on this post and mention that why would a blog author would never reject your valuable guest post.

We all know the importance of content for any particular website/blog right? So as a guest author, you provide free content to a blog and thus your value for the blog is tremendous. Its just that we doesn't realize that.
5 Reasons Your Guest Post Could Never Be Rejected

So below are few reasons that would motivate and encourage you to contact bloggers for submitting guest posts. Your guest post would surely be published if it has some of the main attributes of a great guest post.

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Reason #1 Contact Blog Author Humbly

Learn game of words. Every body of us likes appreciation. Thats our nature as a human being. So simply shoot out a polite email to the blog author (owner/moderator) and mention that you wish to write a guest post for their blog.
5 Reasons Your Guest Post Could Never Be Rejected
Do talk about your relationship with the blog and how exactly you found his blog. In case you're a regular reader of his blog and he knows you well, then this part might not be needed. This actually helps in making up a mind map for the relation between, you as a guest author and him as a blog moderator.

Reason #2 Mention Some Of Your Previous Guest Posts

This is a good idea. Say, its your first time submitted a guest post, then a sample guest posts always helps. That would showcase your writing skills and would make easy for the moderator to consider you as a guest author pre hand (even before he read your original guest posts)

In case its your first time writing a guest posts, then simply have confidence in your skills and give your best shot to the guest posts your going to write. DON'T take this first one lightly. Its your resume, and its the first impression that are going to build in the blogging community.

If  your writing makes up a mark in the moderators mind, then he/she might not even recheck your posts and publish it straight away. Its how trustworthy your writing is.

Reason #3 Always Mention The Topic You Wish To Write Upon, Pre hand

This is TOO important. If you would directly email your guest post to the moderator , than there is a chance that, that particular topic may already have been scheduled (by him self or any other guest author).

That would waste up your previous time and demotivate you if the guest post doesn't gets live!

So while writing up your guest post email, DO mention the topic that you wish to write upon.

5 Reasons Your Guest Post Could Never Be Rejected

Reason #4 Submit The Guest Post Wisely!

5 Reasons Your Guest Post Could Never Be RejectedThis is a common mistake that we all make. We often get confused about the 'right' way by which we could submit the guest post. Place your self as a blog owner and wonder if somebody writes a guest post for your blog. How would you like him to submit the guest post to you?

Writing it up in email its self or attaching a word file works best. NEVER copy/paste the HTML code for the guest posts! It gives out a bad impression of you as an author.

So that's pretty much it. These are pretty basic points but indeed they would change the way you present your self as a guest author.

Hope you liked the post.

Is There Any Thing Extra That You Would Like To Add To The Topic?

Waiting to see in the comment section.

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