How To Build Strong Relationships With Other Bloggers?

This guest post is written by Vivek Krishnan of Collegefallout and Dostartup. They say that in t...

This guest post is written by Vivek Krishnan of Collegefallout and Dostartup.

They say that in the corporate world it matters who you know more than what you know. Although, I won't claim the same to be entirely true for the blogging industry - knowing people does matter. It is very important to have a strong relationship with other bloggers. The ultimate growth of your blog to the next level will depend upon your proximity to the big boys of blogging, I shall quote Neil Patel here - online marketer and blogger, Neil Patel wrote in a post:

"Another part of my success in building up Quick Sprout (his blog) is that I systematically built relationship with power bloggers over the years."

How To Build Strong Relationships With Other Bloggers?

So how do you build strong relationships with other bloggers? This post aims to tell you exactly that.

#1 Respond to comments and comment on other blogs

From the above title, we can see there are two types of commenting, you can comment to posts on other blogs and the second type is to respond to comments on your own blog. Both are equally important. When you comment on other blogs it is your way of approaching and acquainting to the blog owner.

If you consistently comment at a blog you will find that the blog owner will begin to see you in a different light. And when you comment don't post stuff like “Great post” or “Thanks for this awesome post.

How To Build Strong Relationships With Other Bloggers?

Those are useless comments, and might even get deleted. Instead, you need to write an insightful comment where the person who wrote it will know that you have read their article. Asking a question is also a great idea.

Similarly, when you respond to comments on your posts that is where you connect with the person and know more about them. Always maintain a helpful attitude. This is as important as commenting at other blogs.

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#2 Take some load off the author

This is another great way to connect with another blogger. Everyone knows the importance of consistent posting on their blog. So a great guest post that is related to their blog niche will always be welcome. And the more effort you have put into making that post amazing and popular - more the author will appreciate your guest post.

During the submission of your guest post, it is always a great idea to offer a cover letter in the email and attach your guest post in a Word document. In the cover letter, introduce yourself and your blog, speak to them about how you find their blog useful and in the end add your social profiles at Facebook, Twitter etc. Don't put too many social profiles - two links will be more than enough.

How To Build Strong Relationships With Other Bloggers?

This is how guest posting can help you create a closer relationship with a blogger.

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#3 Interact on Social communities

Social communities such as Facebook are platforms where a blogger wants people to interact with them and share their posts. So do the good karma and use the social media to perhaps add them on Facebook - which gives you a chance to chat to them and connect at a more personal level. Share their posts and post your opinions on their articles. The basic idea, is to get noticed by the person you want to connect with! So leave no stone un-turned.

How To Build Strong Relationships With Other Bloggers?

#4 Understand, that it takes time

Building relationships is not an easy task - it is a time intensive process. But the returns are worth it. You need to prove your loyalty and build a bit of credibility before you can approach a blogger and ask,

“Hey, would you mind blogging about me?” 

And of course, even then it is not a free ride. You need to reciprocate their favor in some way. Ask them how you can help.
How To Build Strong Relationships With Other Bloggers?

So go forth and build your ultimate network with awesome bloggers and those who you admire in the industry. There are no shortcuts. And the only way that you can make this happen is by being willing to work and put in lots of time.

What do you think can also help in building relationships with other bloggers? 

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