100$ Paypal Cash Giveaway!

Bang! We're here again with an exiting Giveaway for our readers. This time its even more interes...

Bang! We're here again with an exiting Giveaway for our readers. This time its even more interesting. Its 26th of June and i couldn't stay behind giving our some love back. You guys have always been so kind and stay with us in hard times.

This time its our try to give a little gift back to our readers.

This 100$ Giveaway is International. Any of our readers from all around the globe can join in and enter in this Giveaway.

Below are few requirements that you need to know before setting up your entry.

100$ paypal cash giveaway

How it Works?

The Giveaway will end on 15 August 2013. 2 Random winners would be selected from the Punchtab application and prizes would be handed over to them.

Winners would be contacted via email address once they win their respective prizes.

Money Prize?

  1. First Winner: 75$
  2. Second Winner: 25$

Prize money would be transferred to winners Paypal accounts. Though if one of our readers is from Pakistan and doesn't have a Paypal account, we could transfer the prize money to their respective bank accounts.

We want you to win!

**Note: I might decide a third winner at the end of the Giveaway depending upon the success of it and the interest of our readers. Its going to be great.

If you dont have Paypal Account?

If you don't have a Paypal account and you're from Pakistan, we can transfer the money prize to your bank accounts directly.

What is Required from You?

  1. You need to have your valid Paypal account where we can transfer the money prize.
  2. To have better chances to win the Giveaway, you have to get multiple entries via Punchtab application below.

How can you win? Increase chances to win 100$

To make sure that you win you need to deliver maximum number of entries. Punchtab would let you know total number of entries you made. 

How to win 1 Entry

It will ask you to 'like' a certain page, +1 or share a post in your social circle. Each time you do so, you will earn 1 Entry.

How to win 5 Entries at once

You can win 5 entries by sharing the link that you would see in the Punchtab application below.

Make sure that you share all the possible tasks and keep sharing the link in your social circle.

Its all about how much hard work you deliver. The more you share, the higher your chances are to win.

I'll show up the winner with his/her total number of entries once i announce the winners.

Best of luck guys!

Don't forget to comment as it will earn you extra entries.

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