13 Best Alternatives To eBay That Would In 2013!!

We all live in a much modern world, where we are updated with every single bit that happens around ...

We all live in a much modern world, where we are updated with every single bit that happens around the world. And in this modernization, the most important and basic thing that should be, and is taken under consideration is the massive amount of facilities available to us in almost every aspect and every sector of the things related to us.

We all agree to this fact that discovery of Internet is a revolution in history of mankind. That has benefited us a lot. We all get benefited from it to the fullest in our respective areas and fields of interest. It has made some very tedious jobs much easy, in particular selling and purchasing of products.

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eBay, as you all pretty much aware of the name, is regarded as the king of on line marketing. Where buyers and sellers get the best possible opportunities and a supportive platform to interact with one another and get jobs done. No doubt it is "The King". But some of our friends out there are unhappy from eBay and have complaints regarding it. This for sure creates a gap, that has to fulfilled with a suitable alternative. Making this job easy, my today's post provides a list of best possible alternatives that can be used instead of eBay!

eBay Alternatives!

So folks listed below, in no particular order are some of the best alternatives that can serve the purpose well and which can be used instead of eBay to buy and sell products you wish and desire.

1) ioffer.Com!

This is the type of website that supports auction format to buy and sell products. Buyers as well as sellers both get supportive opportunities. Not only this it also allows sellers to sell their products at fixed price. The best thing about this on line market is the swaps and trades platform, where sellers can maintain a free of cost account to maintain a list of products to sell or in which interested to buy. And the only fee to be paid here is the one at the time of selling.

2) ArtFire.Com!

This on line market place provides services for a selective category that includes craft supplies, vintage goods and fine arts material. There is no fee of anything on this website unless you open a pro account there, for which you have to pay a monthly subscription. Apart from all these, it provides you the best customer services and some pretty useful information on different topics like SEO tools Google analytics etc.

3) Etsy.Com!

This is yet again the type of website that provides a supportive on line market place to sell products for those who either create craft items from their own hands or supply them. It has the most unique and cultural following of buyers. There is no such fee and fee is only charged for listing items. Some restrictions are present which include that the items should be handmade by someone 20+ in age or should be on a commercial scale.

4) eBid.Net!

This is relatively smaller version of the famous eBay having all the same features like auctions, fixed price transactions and storefronts. The unique and notable feature it has is the "Ninja listing tool" that allows users bulk uploading. The rest it has a pretty reasonable fee structure.

5) TIAS.Com!

This is the oldest on line market place that deals in antiques, jewelery, crafts items and much more. With this it has within it bunch of formats categorizing items. It also provides a pretty neat customer service. As far as fee details are concerned, they do have a minimum fee requirement, but if a seller’s TIAS commissions are higher than the minimum fee, then only the commission is paid. apart from all these the other services they provide includes the submission of auctions automatically to eBay and the sending of listings to over 2000 classified ad networks. Pretty impressive folks.

6) Ruby!

The most elegant and unique on line market place having the most decent following. It deals in collectibles, vintage items and high end antiques. A pretty impressive number of users find it a much profitable venue but with them some consider it a pretty expensive one too with high fee tariffs. Well it certainly depends on the type of sales performed folks.

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7) Amazon.Com!

This is yet the best non-auction plat from that encourages good deals. Amazingly, their selling prices are even less than that of eBay, thus attracting a great deal of people. Here you can easily form accounts. Fee per sales is taken from the individual accounts while monthly subscriptions from those who form a professional account. The benefit professional account holders get is that they are able to add their products while this cant be done through individual accounts.

8) Bonanza.Com!

This is general on line merchandise type and not an auction type market place where you can buy sell fashion items, collectibles etc. The best part of this market place is that it has the lowest fee, which attracts most of the users who wish to reduce the over head costs.

9) Delcampe.Net!

Yet again an on line auction market place where you can buy collectibles of every sort and antiques. It has the most reasonable tariff structures and with them the most appropriate modes of payments.

10) bidStart.Com!

This is yet again the same type of on line auction market place which specializes in collectibles of every sort. As far as its tariff details are concerned, they are pretty interesting reduced to half of those at eBay. So if we just consider this fact, it is worth giving a try.

11) eCRATER.Com!

As far as this on line market place is concerned, millions are products are listed here as it is both a free web store builder and an on line market place. The best and unique thing about this market place is the option to import stuff directly from eBay.

12) Storenvy.Com!

This is yet again a pretty distinctive on line market place or rather a store that hosts a number of small businesses and entrepreneurs with a huge large collection of products. The best part about this place is the free of cost services provided to both, buyers and sellers.

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13) Ealtbay.Com!

This is yet again a pretty neat on line market place to auction your belongings or to buy your desired product. This was basically formed for those products who, being legal, got banned at eBay. It has the most reasonable tariffs with the most easy modes of payments like PayPal etc.

So guys these were some of the best alternatives to eBay that can help in buying and selling of your desired products. Do try these and update us with your positive feedback.

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