5 Names That Invested The Most In Tech Industry!

None can deny the fact that technology has improved and developed with the passage of time. And thi...

None can deny the fact that technology has improved and developed with the passage of time. And this pace is for sure a bit fast then time that past by. If we take a look at the past decade and compare it with the present of today, one can for sure see a wide difference in every possible aspect, starting from technology to gadgets and daily use equipment.

If we make a deep analysis behind the technology development topic, we get to know that it isn't just a small thing that just happens and from which we get benefited ultimately. It is a whole process, and behind this process are a number of factors that surely cant be ignored folks.

From all the factors, one factor that cannot be ignored and which is regarded as the most important and basic one is the investment. Anything isn't possible without a sound investor who provides investment for the completion of any plan made.

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There are a couple of big names that are known as sound investors in the tech industry of the modern world today. My today's post puts a spot light on some of the "big" names that have put their investments in the tech industry, giving it with a platform to rise and develop, ultimately benefiting us in the end.

Top Investors!

So folks here are some of the big investors who have invested their fortunes for good and betterment for the tech industry, giving it a new life.

1) Jim Breyer


The Facebook we know today, along the mind and efforts of Mark Zuckerberg, is also the creation of this man, Jim Breyer. So, if we say that Facebook of today has two fathers, then for sure it wont be wrong to say. Jim invested his $12.7 million without hesitating into Mark's Facebook, making him the next college dropout billionaire after Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, and ultimately opening a new era in networking for us.

2) Marc Andreessen


Marc Andreessen has the second rank in rating by investing in some of the big names known today to the Internet world the Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Groupon, and Zynga along with  Netscape, Opsware, and Ning. Though the last names weren't so supportive for Marc, but still his experiment with some of the big ones was a success.

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3) Reid Hoffman


When it comes to huge and massive investments, this is the perfect person to quote it in. Reid has made massive investment in some of the biggest names such as Facebook, Zynga, Flickr, Last.FM, MixerLabs and a much more. This list extends to almost 80 companies. When it comes to money making and making some huge business empires, then surely this is the person.

4. David Sze


This name is again one of some of the big names that invested in Facebook. Even before Facebook wasn't launched worldwide and was used by a limited number of people, David was pretty confident that his investment wasn't wasted and his investment would change the world, and did this happen in the form of Facebook. Not only this, he also made remarkable investments in LinkedIn, Pandora, Digg, Seven, Oodle, VUDU, New Edge Networks and a couple of gaming networks.

5) Peter Fenton


A money making man he is. Peter was among some of the people who invested in Twitter in its early days when it had just started. Not only this, he earned almost around $420 million by selling his "SpringSource" to VMWare and "FriendFeed" to Facebook. Apart from this, some of his businesses such as Wily Technology, Coremetrics, JBoss, Reactivity, Xensource, and Zimbra were acquired by some very big names like  CA, IBM, RedHat, Cisco, Citrix, and Yahoo. Pretty interesting folks!

So these were some of the "big" names who deliberately invested their fortunes into the tech industry, giving it a new life. These people are surely called the founders of the modern world technology and the new modernized tech industry of today. Do update us with you positive feedback folks!

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