Getting Started with BloggingeHow

Getting Started with BloggingeHow

If you’re new to the world of blogging and online business, then this page is totally meant for you!

7DBBC 7-Day 'Basic Blogging Course + FREE eBook for You

Before i let you go to take any further action, i would like you to subscribe for my free eBook guide that i compiled that incorporates A-Z steps that helped me get started. "6 Months to a 1000/per Month" is an exclusive eBook that i compiled over the time for my subscribers and what i share their (my income/ sources) isn't available on the blog.

The moment you'll subscribe, you'll get a copy of the eBook right in your inbox, also you'll be redirected towards the download page that i setup.

Also, I'll send you a free 7-Day basic blogging course to educate you about the basics of blogging so that it would be easy for you to get started.

Hope these resources would help you out to start your blog. I'm here to help you out, now it's your chance to avail it :)

I’m Hassam Ahmad Awan, founder of BloggingeHow. If you’re new to the world of blogging and online business, then this page is totally meant for you! It contains the information you need to get up to speed quickly and start your own online venture confidently!

hassam ahmad awan bloggingehow

Glad that you came by BloggingeHow. Its a family of like minded people and you're now one of them. :) I welcome you aboard.

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      •  If you want to know more about how i got started with BloggingeHow and my personnel stuff, you might want to visit About Us page or like BloggingeHow's Facebook Page where i answer all the questions in the shortest time possible.
 So, this is the section of the Blog that i always missed. My inbox always had those incoming stream of questions wanting me to help them get started. I totally recognized what was missing on the blog and this is my try to explain the entire process seamlessly to build up your online empire, a blog that would help you enjoy an entrepreneur life style.

 Before we move any further, i would like you to download my free eBook that explains the process and some of the insights of how i make money online with my blog.

You may either read from top to bottom or navigate through sections using the buttons below.

 What Can You Expect Out of this Reading?

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    •  Well, it took me 2+ years to learn what a blog was, how to build a reputation online, how to design a well crafted blog layout, what it takes to monetize the blog, and how to be consistently growing your income for the years to come.

      The hard fact is, you would get tons of resources online that would let you know how you can start a blog, and drive traffic and monetize it.

    • Though, for me, the hardest part was to implement it. I finally realized that all those resources are for sure helpful, though those stories not always implement upon you the exact way people portray.

      I guess i have read more than gazillions affiliate marketing guides to date, most of them coming from reputable names out there, including John chow, though many things never worked how they should have been.

So this is the place, where I'll portray what mistakes i made along the road that you can jump over to, what were my strengths and weakness, and how i ended up making my first online income.

Below is the list of contents I'll try to cover as they went for me over the course of around 2-3 years.
  •  Do you Need a Blog to Make Money Online? Is it Necessary? What other options do you have?
  • How to Start a Blog?
  • What to Expect from a Blog?
  • How to Live a life style of an entrepreneur from your Blog?
Before you get demoralized, as many of people often get, knowing that blogging is a long term job; yes it is though its so much easier than one can think of it, i would like to say,

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    •  ##check## My Guarantee
      • I guarantee you!, that if you would follow what i go through in this section, you would be making a living online!
These are my words and i hope you would take that as a brotherly advice. Though, below are few prerequisites that i believe you should have, before i can say you could succeed.

Prerequisites of Success Online?

These are in no particular order, and i have just listed them knowing that without following these, it would be so much more tiring for you to succeed any time soon with your online career.

1- You must be good at English.

Unless you don't aim to target world wide market in any niche that you will have later on, it would be difficult to gain popularity anytime soon. As Google tends to send more traffic to English based website, as there are more world wide queries in English, its obvious that you're restricting your scope of success.

Are you still with me on this? I'm sure you're! Lets move on.

2-  You must be spontaneous

My very own brother is not and i never pushed him for Blogging! The reason being i don't believe its something for everybody out there. People who are spontaneous and are willing to work even at 3am for something that will bring them hope, i am sure online career is for them.

I often say it that i use to get various ideas while i was praying (salah, one of Muslims rituals), washroom and what not.! The very next thing i would do is to implement before i forget it.

So the thirst for online career must be there.

3- A sense of Superiority

If you have that 'might' inside, not in an evil sense, BUT to envy others in a positive sense which makes you grow even more, and better than others, than you're totally a future entrepreneur and a successful Blogger.

A thirst of being the best really counts. This is what keeps you pushing 'every single day'.

**4- Willing to Spend the last dime for Success (MOST IMPORTANT)

I remember i spent all my 2 years saving (Eidi/ Savings from all the Annual festivals) on the blog (for various improvements), thinking them as an investment.

IF that's how you feel, i am sure you can do it too. You have to have a mindset that online empire is a business and not a hobby. If you look it as a hobby (which is a part time thing), than you career gains would always be a part time thing.

Which, you don't aim for.


Okeh, so enough said, lets come to what you came here for. How to START?

#1 Do you Need a Blog to Make Money Online? Is it Necessary? What other options do you have?

Well, not at all! Blog is not a must. There are tons of other ways that you can utilize your skills to make an entire full time income online. People freelance to make million dollars.

Whether you're a developer, artist, writer, poet, graphic designer, web designer, or what not, there are tons of gigs/jobs available for you. If you have talent, and talent to portray yourself, you can achieve a million dollar mark, and many others have.!

SETTING UP A GOAL really matters! If you set a goal of 1000$ per month, trust me, you won't touch 1 million any time soon. The reason being, that you work even harder to achieve a bigger goal from day#1!

Your goal determines your graph from day one.

Having said that, i believe blogging is a great strategy to achieve those high goals. YOU can achieve a million dollar mark with Blogging too with the right strategy.

With time, you gain respect in your audience and people believe what you promote. You as a Blogger, respond to their hopes that help them achieve what they are looking for.

With Blogging, you generally target passive income, which is to make money while sleeping. You work hard for years, and setup a machine that brings you sales/income for working much less later on.

In freelancing, you work, and work and work, from day 1 to day 1000. Unless you apply entrepreneur skills there and expand your company with more workers to work for you later on.

#2 How to Start a Blog?

Okeh, so if you're bored along the way, this is the most interesting part for you. This is where i'll go through all the details (from the smallest to the most obvious ones) that you need to start a successful earning blog.

This is an honest figure I'm putting down for you, thinking of you as my family mate. It would take you 'at-least' 8-12 months to build a reputation online and start earning!

I hope that won't be an issue as you might have already heard that by many people online, that blogging is NOT a sprint, its a marathon.

Below are the steps that you'll need to follow in order to get started with your new online career with your blog.

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    • Step #1 Decision Time
      • This is the time that you've to take a vital decision here. This is the battle to choose a content management System (CMS) that will work best for you. I started with Blogger 2-3 years ago and i had my reasons for it.

        1- I couldn't invest in hosting as i was relying upon a small amount of pocket money that i spent on domain name. It would have been tough to run a hosting with pocket money if i had to choose WordPress which requires us to get a hosting plan.

        Though at this point of time, i really wished i had an opportunity to get my hands onto WordPress back then, as WordPress open up a whole new world of opportunities for the publishers. There are tons of plugins available that you other wise have to code or find on Google if any developer has shared already.

        You can learn more about why WordPress is really powerful and why i recommend it quite often.

        Choosing the Profitable Niche...

        In the decision process, you would have to make up your mind as to what you're willing to blog about. This is the most common question that i get, i believe. People want to blog, BUT aren't sure what to blog about!

        Though its really positive to see such a huge number of people willing to work online rather than running for real word jobs that are so low paid in most cases. You work your butt of to get the best of the education that you can get to get a good job, in the end, you have to face recession that eats up all the jobs around.

        That's where online industry comes to rescue.

        Below is a good read that will help you determine a profitable niche for sure self. Though, there is one thing that i believe, no matter what niche you choose, working hard is the key every where.

        Do let me know (you can share your ideas with me at what niche you're interested in or what you're looking forward too. Would love to know about your upcoming blog :)

        Next up is choosing a perfect hosting company that will take care of your blogging files and your handwork with your content, for years to come. That's where Bluehost comes in.

    • Step #2 Bluehost - Choosing the Best and Cheapest Hosting Service

      • bluehost - my trusted hostThere are 2 different versions of WordPress as you might already know. One being free Wordpress, that is The other being or often known as Self-hosted WordPress.

        If you're serious about Blogging and aim to get something out of it in long run, i would totally want you to go for Self hosted WordPress (that requires a hosting plan that I'll show you how to get below) as it doesn't put unnecessary restriction upon you.

        With Self-hosted WordPress, you get your own domain name (which i believe is extremely important when you think your blog as a business), and you're not bound to not to put advertisements on your blog unlike in free blogs which doesn't allow you to put any type of ads.

        This detailed post would further guide you when it comes to free (restricted) and (self-hosted).

        When it comes to Self-Hosted WordPress, there are 2 renowned hosting companies out there. (Bluehost and Hostgator). Bluehost is what i use at BloggingeHow's subdomains and I'm pretty satisfied with it.

        - Bluehost is recommend by WordPress them self as being #1 Hosting company that suites WordPress needs with single click installations.

        - I Trust Bluehost, as its the cheapest solution around and that's what really matters to me and i am sure it is to you too.

        Apart from being the cheapest solution out there, another thing that really amazes me is their customer service. I had issues with uploading files to their file-manager and it took me few minutes to get in touch with their customer service person via instant chat, and to their beauty, its fast!

        Here is a good read for you: Bluehost Vs HostGator: Who Wins?

    • Step #3 Installing WordPress and Start Posting

      • The very next and the easiest of all needs just few clicks and you're ready to go. Once you're done getting your hosting plan, you will have to follow the steps below to install WordPress for your blog. You can follow the detailed tutorial below that i put together, which will guide you to install WordPress for BlueHost followed by publishing your very first blog posts for the world to appreciate.

        [##eye## How to Launch & Publish a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog In 8 Minutes! [Screencast]]
    • Step #4 Building Up Your Blog
      • Now this is the real deal. All the steps before were technical stuff that you had to follow to get your blog setup. Once you're done with all that, now you need to focus on your audience, your blog popularity etc.

        I have divided this section into 7 Core sections that you'll have to follow in order to get your blog right where it should be after 8 months of hard work. This is the time span where you would have to work at least 3 hours a day (at least, i would have gone for entire 10 hours during this time span, though not daily and this could vary).

        1- What to post

        Now, its often hard to first realize what you have to post for all the world to see. Your posting strategy would be very simple yet elegant and smart. You would simply have to stick to your niche, say for example you setup a blog related to Technology.

        Now you have quite a bit of options around to play with. Understand that the more quality stuff that you'll post, the faster you'll come to your goal, that is to make a living online.

        I have talked about this section in my eBook (6 months to a 1000$ / month) that i mentioned before, which you can subscribe and download it for free.

        Being a Technology blog owner (for example), you can post Tech related Tutorials, News/updates regarding Tech products (Samsung, Apply, Android) and what not! You can gather tons of 'top list' posts that are helpful for the the readers, such as "100 Most Downloaded Mobile Apps Ever". Smart? :)

        So simply ask your self? What would YOU as a reader would like to read being a reader of that particular niche.

        2- When to post

        Next up are the timings of your blog post publishing. In the first 3 months, i would say it won't matter as to what timings you choose to publish your post. Simply write it, and hit publish! Though once you have 100 or so articles on your blog, you could then consider fixed timings to post, that would effect your blog's Alexa rank.

        You can read more about it here:  What Is The PERFECT Blog POSTING Timings To Drive Maximum TRAFFIC and 2 Tips To Improve Your Blog Alexa Rank By 2 Lakh In 1 Month.

        3-What Makes Up a Best Blog Post

        A perfect blog post is the one that adheres by the post topic and justifies it. So what more important is to choose a great blog post topic. Here is a great read that would help you in that regard: 4 Advices For Choosing The Best Blog Post Title For Better SEO.

        Make sure that you put in that charismatic factor in your post title. That makes people become even more attract towards it to read till end.

        Keep people alive while reading with the use of great images and your writing style.

        4- How to Make People Subscribe

        There is a whole study behind making people subscribe to your blog. My eBook talks about that and how it helped me gain more followers. You can download it here for free.

        I have gather a whole lot of posts for you to read, and these tricks actually work. The placement of your subscription boxes really matters. Learn more in the posts below.

        1. How to get Subscribers for your Blog  
        2. 5 Different Types of 'Call To Action' To Increase Blog Traffic  
        3. 7 Reasons Why Your Email Subscribers Are Not Increasing  

         5- How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

        Now here is the money. Traffic to your blog is directly proportional to the amount of revenue that you'll make for the years to come. And I'm sure that's pretty obvious. Though 98-99% of the webmasters fail to even make 100$ and shut down their web properties in less than 3 months time span.

        Your aim is to be among those 1% minority and I'm sure with the goals that you've in mind, its pretty easy.

        Getting traffic is directly related to your relations with your readers. Google has refined their algorithms to such an extent, that even if you publish a post that uses many similar words to a post that is already high placed on Google search results (SERP), your post would go in vain and won't get any traffic.

        I'll give you my personnel example here.

        In 2011, i won't name the posts, i published about 11 posts in my vacations. Those being pretty comprehensive and i built them from scratch. I embedded my experiences in it to the max. So Google realizing it to be 100% original content in terms of words and more importantly, the ideas, they are still BloggingeHow's one of the highest traffic receiving posts to date.

        Many people don't realize that its far from copying others content. Its a total waste of time and it would be better if you spend that making something valuable for your blog that would last for years to come.

        Below are few posts that i wrote of the time, that helped me gain traffic from search engines.

        1. 20+ Ways That Will Increase Your Blog Traffic - 2013 Updated
        2. How I Increased My Blog Traffic By 16% In 3 Months

        7- How to build long term relationship with the reader

        Building a relationship with the readers and making them subscribe to your blog is a whole lot different thing as you can understand. We have friends in life that are more close to us. We are always willing to take care of them and listen to them to what they have to say.

        Other friends, of our second circle might not be given the same priority as the first circle friends. That's totally the case with our readership relationship.

        The more we tend to engage with them, the more they'll respond all the time to our calls. Notice how 1000 subscribers that respond can be far more valuable than 200,000 that are totally dead and you can't count on them.

        I hope that this guide helped you determine your blog's future and scaling its level of success in the years to come.

        You can subscribe to BloggingeHow on Facebook, where i post most of the updates. Twitter is what i use pretty less, though its still an option for you :)

        All i have to say is, that it takes time to build your reputation, no matter what field you're in. The same goes for offline industry. So stay calm, put your head down and work your butt of day and night to live a living that many can't.

        As they say, Chill today and work your ass of for the years to come, OR work hard today to chill for the years to come.

        Beginner's Guide for WordPress - Click for more useful Resources.

My Newsletter + FREE eBook for You

Before i let you go to take any further action, i would like you to subscribe for my free eBook guide that i compiled that incorporates A-Z steps that helped me get started. "6 Months to a 1000/per Month" is an exclusive eBook that i compiled over the time for my subscribers and what i share their (my income/ sources) isn't available on the blog.

 The moment you'll subscribe, you'll get a copy of the eBook right in your inbox, also you'll be redirected towards the download page that i setup.

Its a pleasure to have you in BloggingeHow's family of friends. I would be sending you weekly emails (after every 5-7 days) that would further strengthen your skills to build up a profitable blog as you go along with me on this journey.

Though, you can unsubscribe at any time if you feel like quitting, though i am sure you won't be disappointed. :)

So finally, if you have any questions in mind, do let me know and as being a friend I'll get back to you. This is what i am here for and it would be a great satisfaction to help you out. You can always send me a message/email at or simply 'Hi to me on Facebook page where I'll respond to you the earliest the possible.

I just want to say here that i read every single email that i get and i would love to help you out in your blogging career. I hope that you succeed!

To your Success,

P.S If you found this resource helpful, then kindly help it standout by clicking the like button below. Thanks it means a lot!



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Getting Started with BloggingeHow
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